What our happy customers say

Best masks I have ever used. They feel very gentle and relaxing! I am definitely going to make it a weekly thing.

by Michael Smith

I have super sensitive skin and have never been able to use a vitamin C product without breaking out. But these masks are gold! They are so gentle on your skin and still do the work! My skin was visually brighter after 3 uses. totally recommend.

by Maria Garcia

I am a fan of custom products and they do it so much better than the others! I have used so many other sheet masks but they never seem to bring anything special besides hydration. The ingredients in these really work and help you solve your skin problems. My skin tone is so much better and even now. I am going to continue using them.

by Olivia Rodrigo

I am a skeptic when it comes to custom products. I feel they are all the same but these masks truly stand out. They have saved my acne prone skin and made it so much better. Who knew acne skin also needs a little hydration! I only found out because I chatted with them via email and they were so nice to create something just for me and assured me that I can work through my skin problems. And turns out I could not be happier. 

by Madison Grace

My girlfriend hooked me onto sheet masks and I think I found my favorite. 

by Liam Johnson

I tend to buy fragrance free products since my skin is sensitive to it but after chatting with the scientists behind the scenes, I was convinced to try 1 mask even though it has some fragrance. And to my surprise, it doesn't even smell like anything and my skin was totally fine! I am sure it is more the quality of fragrance than just the fragrance. 

by Alexa G

Bought a few Brighten Masks to try, and really liked it. It is gentle on my skin and made my skin look brighter and clearer in just 3 uses. 

by Annabelle P

I have never been into customized products but this felt like a great deal! And I am pleasantly surprised to see that it really works! I have been battling dry skin since a long time and decided to get customized masks to treat it. I have never been happier with how my skin feels today. My skin feels soft and hydrated and I am definitely going to continue using these. 

by Riya Mehta

Just tried the rejuvenate masks and really liked it. Made me feel like a trip to the spa. About to order the customized mask next.

by Jennifer Smith