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Chamomile Flower

Chamomile has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that aids in skin cell turnover and speeds up skin’s natural healing process. It is gentle enough to be used by all skin types. It helps skin recover from rashes, sunburns, or any other topical inflammation more efficiently.



Cacao helps repair damaged skin and reduce pre-mature aging. It helps stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin for a fresh glowing complexion. it helps relieve dryness resulting in resilient and radiant skin.

How to Use

  • 01

    Start with a cleansed face

  • 02

    Unfold mask, toss mesh, then adjust over face & eyes

  • 03

    Relax & Enjoy your spa in a bag for 10-20 mins

  • 04

    Remove & pat in remaining serums

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