About Us

Sol Smitten is Love and enlightenment to all and in everything we do. We believe in individuality and originality for everyone. We are a team of trend loving cosmetic enthusiasts who are ever passionate about creating potent products and provide the best care we can. We believe that every person is different and has different needs. We thrive to create unparalleled products that exactly match your needs. We are empathetic, passionate and utterly driven towards your happiness.



We strongly stand by our core values and treat them as our guiding light.

We truly believe in INCLUSIVITY with “to each his own” approach. We feel each individual is precious and should have the complete autonomy to care for themselves as they see fit. While we will be here with our products aiding you to do just that.

The driving force behind our formulas is TRANSPARENCY. We support honest communication of the ingredients we use in our products. There are no hidden caveats. We make sure that you are taking well informed decisions when it comes to all Sol Smitten offerings. Our cardinal motto is empathy and along with humankind we also care for our beautiful nature. We pay utmost attention to sourcing, processing and manufacturing of our all products. We follow SUSTAINABLE practices throughout our establishment and select our partners with the same. We take comfort in knowing that we are giving back to the nature as much as we are using.